hints have been all over my instagram about what was happening last tuesday.

i was assigned to interpret for the british prime minister and the indonesian president at the house of commons, both ways and simultaneously. Continue reading


hello, how are you? it’s been ages since i posted anything. i think my blogging has been too organic that sometimes i just don’t think of doing it anymore. real life, you know: boring. been all over instagram, though. i’d still like to keep it organic. organic is good, but i think i need to make the effort to keep it going, especially because it’s good for me.  Continue reading


yes, this was in london, quite obviously! i was playing a tour guide to my bestie-slash-brother from indonesia. the weather was confusing, or confused, as usual, but it was a bearable spring’s day. i even put the cotton-linen blazer on and off often as the washed silk shirt was so adaptive to the ever changing temperature during the whole day, and i just love the romantic white stars all over it. Continue reading