hints have been all over my instagram about what was happening last tuesday.

i was assigned to interpret for the british prime minister and the indonesian president at the house of commons, both ways and simultaneously. Continue reading


dear morning (and night for that matter),

i have found a new beauty ritual that doesn’t just suit my skin but also makes me feel like royalty, which i am. forget disposable cotton balls, this moringa cleansing balm by emma hardie involves a special terry cloth and warm water. it’s not simple, it’s sophisticated and i love it.  Continue reading


i am in the early process of weaning myself off high street. it’s not easy. if you have constant urge for new clothes and you don’t own a bank, you’d understand.

owning high end designer pieces is the kind of satisfaction those who own them truly understand – the material, the cut, the stitching, the special touches and, oh, don’t forget the name! but if, like me, you’re ‘no longer but not yet’, creativity is your go-to investment. Continue reading