hints have been all over my instagram about what was happening last tuesday.

i was assigned to interpret for the british prime minister and the indonesian president at the house of commons, both ways and simultaneously.

the phone call arrived just a week before the event. while i know it wasn’t random – i’m a full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, it still came as a surprise and it was nerve-wracking! i’ve always preferred translation over interpreting, even though i’ve done both and done both well over the years (this particular phone call should be enough proof).

anyway, what a girl to do in such a situation? think about the outfit, of course! well, it always works for me when an occasion trembles me.

first, i knew what shoes i’ve been eyeing – it was just a coincidence that they’re perfect for the occasion: yep, those fringed loafer pumps every clever stylish girl is talking about! shoes ordered direct from and arrived almost the next day from italy. they are smart and perfect height for running around in london all day.

brilliant! i still hadn’t a clue for clothes because, as my dearest husband alway says, ironically: “you couldn’t possibly have anything to wear in your wardrobe!” he knows me that well. i was determined to squeeze myself into my old gucci silk pants when i thought perhaps i should just check my emails first – just a habit, and i’m glad i did! because it’s exciting when M&S sends you an email (i’m being sarcastic here). but, seriously, it was a good email that i had managed to ignore for a good hour.

archive by alexa! perfect designs, perfect prices. i like alexa chung’s sense of style! when this harry dress arrived, i couldn’t believe how good the quality was. all the buttons at the back will get your arms toned too: bonus! after half an hour trying to do just the top button, though, i seemed to grow a third eye and had no problem whatsoever anymore with the rest hundreds of buttons. the chaste flair about it actually makes it sexy in this world full of cleavage.

anyway, the rest of the outfit came up intuitively. and last but not least, things went well with my assignment; clients were all happy. sorry i didn’t get a selfie with the pm nor with the president – i had to dash straight away to collect my little daughter from my friends’  and run with her to catch the train back home. oh, a couple of lords stopped to compliment my look – that was actually my best achievement of the day!

imagined dina

i was wearing:
archive by alexa HARRY DRESS (sold out twice now so ebay size 8 here, size 6 here, and size 10 here) | gucci SUEDE MID-HEEL LOAFERS | fendi PEEKABOO BAG | dvf BLACK SWING COAT (similar here) | monica vinader ALPHABET NECKLACE

photos by gloria lu

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