dear morning (and night for that matter),

i have found a new beauty ritual that doesn’t just suit my skin but also makes me feel like royalty, which i am. forget disposable cotton balls, this moringa cleansing balm by emma hardie involves a special terry cloth and warm water. it’s not simple, it’s sophisticated and i love it. 

if you know me well you know i’ve been using a very expensive brand exclusively for my skincare. well, not anymore, this ultra natural oil-based cleanser is a winner, a hero. prominent dark spots on my chin (from monthly incident) are fading and my dry patches are sorted.

i came across this product when i received a luxurious beauty bag from feelunique, i only gave it a try last week and i’m loving it. i am now also using EH brilliance oil as my moisturiser base.

last but not least, you can enjoy 15% OFF your first order at feelunique by clicking this exclusive link here.


imagined dina


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