i am in the early process of weaning myself off high street. it’s not easy. if you have constant urge for new clothes and you don’t own a bank, you’d understand.

owning high end designer pieces is the kind of satisfaction those who own them truly understand – the material, the cut, the stitching, the special touches and, oh, don’t forget the name! but if, like me, you’re ‘no longer but not yet’, creativity is your go-to investment.

i am no longer (all) high street but not yet (all) high end. it’s frustrating when a new season arrives and the fund you need is still stuck in another season, past or future. i couldn’t find anything i fancied that i could afford when my high-street self, without my high-end self knowing, browsed zara.

64% wool with a touch of mohair in pied de poule pattern for £89? i’m sold!

when it arrived, though, my high-end self got so irritated. tough life! i mean… do you know what a chanel tweed jacket costs? she knows. she had to swallow her pride. not easily. she tried it on. it fits perfectly – no? she took it off and hung it where she could see it. she spent hours staring at it.

nice material. nothing was wrong with the pattern. the cut was ok. that was it, there was the problem: it was so ordinary. nothing special about it. not in the look, nor in the feel, let alone in the name.

i decided not to send it back. it had potential. the diy goddess in me was woken up, she decided to turn this zara into chanel.

done. you know, my point of buying high quality items is to buy things i would keep forever, if forever exists. hand-frayed, this coat is no longer zara and not yet chanel. it’s special: it’s me,  i don’t mind keeping it forever.

imagined dina

zara TWEED COAT (diy fray) || chanel VINTAGE BAG || saint laurent KNEE BOOTS || monica vinader GOLD NECKLACE

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