one of the things i love about road trip is that i can just ask my darling driver to stop almost anywhere i like to take photos.

arriving at our second sweet home in la chataigneraie, vendée the day before, off we went to fontenay-le-compte to grab more clothes for the children from a favourite french brand sergeant major. but it was monday. we knew everything was most likely shut on mondays but tried anyway – shouldn’t waste a hot summer’s day!

driving back home, i spotted this field in pissotte. it had started drizzling, but i had learned one rule about photography: not to wait for a second chance when you spot a scene – you might never get it!

so here we are: damp-haired in summer’s denim-on-denim in a beautiful sunflower field in vendée, where some big part of my heart is still heavily left for several reasons.

imagined dina

p.s. this post is the first from my 3 weeks in france.
#imaginedroadtrip on instagram.

acne studios DENIM JACKET
american vintage VEST
frame denim CUT-OFF SHORTS
 sophie hulme CROSSBODY BOX BAG
isabel marant BLOCK HEEL SANDALS
monica vinader ALPHABET NECKLACE



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