so it’s weekend and you’re off to the beach. don’t get me wrong, weekend doesn’t equal sunshine; it equals the opportunity to run from certain responsibilities – make good use of it.  it was not terribly sunny last weekend, but there was no chilly wind and it was rather hot somehow so i went off the shoulder and mini-skirtinghead scarf on to cover bad hair period.

uv protection applied before leaving the bedroom, i wanted my facial skin to stay looking dewy all day – handy for selfies. sweat is not dewy so i sprayed my face with this sea-miracle mist every time i felt too dry or too hot. it really does magic not only at the beach, i carry it whenever i’m on the go as it lifts up my mood when i get exhausted or stressed out.

i have love-hate relationship with lipsticks sometimes so preferred using this cooling lip balm before patting es vedra beach stick all over my lips. i also used es vedra on my cheeks and usually use ibiza on my temples. i’ve actually had these beach sticks from last summer so you know if you get them you’re getting a few-summers invesment, because looking dewy and glowy at the beach doesn’t go out of style.

lastly, forget shoes!

       love, imagined dina


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