i woke up one morning, staring at my open closet from my bed and thinking: “i need a new bag”.

not just any bag, i wanted something practical, luxurious yet understated. i wanted something with personality, in the colour i didn’t yet have. i also wanted something “of the moment” – should be easy to find, right?

i searched and searched and accidentally stumbled upon this perfect one and that’s it – couldn’t take my mind off it.

but hey, i didn’t have enough money! typically, i couldn’t wait either. so i looked at cheaper alternatives. first, chloe mini drew in brown. but it was too ‘it’ for my character. i went on to net-a-porter’s what’s new and came across chloe faye in suede and leather, already sold out, nowhere else to be found and somehow didn’t convince me.

because “the minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than what you settled for”, i was fixed to this gucci jackie soft shoulder bag in tan suede. even saint laurent couldn’t deliver the same charm this time.

i’ve been spoilt recently so couldn’t ask for help. i had to help myself. i was thinking of returning one of several pairs of unworn shoes i recently bought but i loved them too much, so i set myself up to sell one of my chanel 2.55’s because i know they would sell quick, quick, quick – that’s how smitten i am to this jackie!

i used to have too many bags for a shoe girl and now try to keep just the essentials, whatever that means. so “the red one”, i was thinking. because i already have saint laurent crossbody in red which works so hard for me. i don’t really wear my chanels anyway: they’re just there to make me feel complete.

a lovely serious prospect buyer, a few minutes after i listed the red chanel, dragged me into talking about bags and i confessed i only needed £400 to buy what seemed to be a once-in-a-lifetime buy (classic bags are hard to find in modern world). she made me keep the chanel.

i waited and waited for the works i’ve done to pay off, literally. but who would have thought that whining works best?! so it was a loan, or so he believed.

went i to sloane street on my own. nothing could stop me, even the “waiters” at gucci (they literally just wait for you to die from their cynical stares) didn’t scare me a bit. i had never been there before, and why should i have? i only love designer stuff, i never say i love gucci. i love shopping, not going shopping.

i asked to see someone, whom i spoke on the phone a few minutes earlier, as if i was a regular. i was making a point of doing so without looking at any of them – so not myself but i was at war! that person was out for lunch and they told me to come back within an hour. “nonsense”, i thought. i told them i didn’t have time and asked if someone else could help me.

i kept my confident attitude and the girl serving me melted and melted – well done me! it ended up a nice boutiqe experience.

back to the bag, it was still perfect when i saw it in flesh so i did take it home with me. you see, we usually buy things because of its beauty or usefulness and either way it is a good enough reason to love something, or someone? but this bag, it has both – look at what i can fit in it!

oh how i wish men could be both….


imagined dina

gucci ‘jackie soft’ SUEDE SATCHEL
equipment LACE-UP DRESS
karl lagerfeld LEATHER JACKET
alexander mcqueen LEATHER WEDGES


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